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Guide for Directors and Managers: Welcome!


Welcome to the Wayne State University Library System!  I am delighted that you are joining our management team. The information in this guide is designed as a source of introductory information and to provide resources that will help you make a smooth transition to your role.  I look forward to working with you as part of the library system management team. Best wishes for all success at Wayne state University!

Library System Values

The University Library System has developed a set of shared values which we can use to guide our thoughts and behaviors as we work together on a daily basis to achieve our mission and serve our users. These discussions have resulted in the following documents.  It is important to note that these values and behaviors already exemplify many of the things that we already do very well every day. However, they also serve to highlight ways in which we aspire to be perceived by our users. 

As a leader in the library system, you have an important responsibility to help communicate these values and behaviors within your unit and operational teams. It is important to be familiar with these documents, talk about them in your staff and team meetings and to assist your staff in understanding how they can be incorporated into their daily work.