Biological Sciences

This Guide will assist Biological Sciences faculty and students in locating library resources and websites in Biology.

Biological Science Guide


Welcome to the Guide for Biological Sciences! 

This guide includes Biological Sciences and Sciences resources available in the Wayne State University Library System, as well as high quality, freely available web resources.

The guide consists of these main pages (tabs) listing resources in these areas:

  • Books & Databases
  • Online Bilology Journals
  • Encyclopedias and Glossaries and Websites
  • Michigan Research Universities -- Biology
  • Animal & Plant Information/Taxonomy
  • Organizations and Government Agencies
  • Tabs for BIO 1030, BIO 4120 and BIO 4130
  • NIH (National Insitutes of Health) Information

Biological Sciences Department Programs and Contact

Department Homepage

Undergraduate Programs:

Graduate Programs:

Contact information:  

Biological Sciences Department 
1360 Biological Sciences Building

5047 Gullen Mall

Detroit, MI 48202
ph: (313) 993-4217
fax: (313) 577-3602
contact: Louise Dezur, Secretary IV



Liaison Librarian

Nancy Wilmes
Purdy Library
Room 134 Purdy
Wayne State University
5265 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202-3930
Phone: 313-577-4063