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A Word About Candy and Children's Literature

Candy Month June 2014

Selector: Veronica Bielat, Rachell Weeks (GSA)

Candy and Children's Literature have gone hand in hand since the Grimm Brothers began sharing their fairy tales with the world. Full of life-sized gingerbread houses, gooey gum drops, candy apples, chocolate factories, marshmallow clouds, sugar plum fairies and runaway gingerbread men, it isn't a long stretch to suggest that candy and confection seem to do well with children and storytelling as a means of delivering a moral, a theme or a fantastical background. As you peruse through the Libguide think about what books you read as a child that featured candy. Did they influence your sweet tooth? 

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WSU Electronic Journals on Children's Literature

Below is a list of the Electronic Journals on Children's Literature housed by Wayne State University. Each electronic journal addresses children's literature from an academic standpoint. 

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Candy Land

Candy Land was created by Eleanor Abbott in 1945 as she recovered from Polio, the game was meant to serve as easy, long lasting entertainment for children who had or were recovering from Polio. In 1949, The Milton Bradly Company (now Hasbro) purchased the rights from Abbott and has been producing the game ever since. Over the years the game board and pieces have changed from a simply race track set up and subtle art to an almost overwhelming sensory board with diverse characters.

Cartoon Retellings of Famous Candy Tales

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