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Subject of the Month-National Parks- July 2014

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America's National Parks System springs from an idea as uniquely American as the Declaration of Independence and just as radical: that the most precious portions of the land should be preserved, not for royalty or for the rich, but for everyone, for all time.  From the world's very first National Park-Yellowstone, in 1872- to the most recent -Pinnacles, in California, in 2013-our National Parks System has been the guideline for the rest of the world in preserving important areas of land for our future generations to enjoy. With 58 National Parks; 109 National Monuments; 2,532 National Historic Landmarks and  596  National Natural Landmarks to choose from-there are endless possibilities for you to explore! What are you waiting for? Let's start planning your next trip!

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Featured National Park Videos July 2014 At the entrance to Yellowstone National Park is a stone arch inscribed with the words "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people." Park ranger Shelton Johnson discusses his arrival at this famed archway and what those words mean to him in Ken Burns's newest film, THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA'S BEST IDEA

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