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June, 2015


Photo of Paris street with bistro


Selector: Nancy Beals & Rachael Clark

Think of France and you think of beauty, elegance, delicious food, the Beaux Arts and Belles Lettres, too.  Please enjoy this tour of things French!


Sun King motif on gates of Versailles



Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf, 19 December 1915 – 10 October 1963, was a French cabaret singer who became widely regarded as France's national diva, as well as being one of France's greatest international stars. Her music was often autobiographical with her specialty being of chanson and ballads, particularly of love, loss and sorrow. Among her songs are "La Vie en rose" (1946) and "Non, je ne regrette rien" (1960).

Jacques Offenbach

Orpheus in the Underworld, with its overture popularly known as the Can Can, is an opéra bouffon (a form of operetta) by Jacques Offenbach. The French text was written by Ludovic Halévy and later revised by Hector-Jonathan Crémieux. The work, first performed in 1858, is said to be the first classical full-length operetta.


Learn more about French composers, artists, and musical genres using the resources listed below:



Photo of French Patisserie



Map of Arrondissments and Monuments

Paris Map Arrondissments and Monuments

Paris is the capital and largest city of France. It is situated on the river Seine, in northern France, at the heart of the Ile-de-France region. 
The most important places to visit in Paris are: Place de la Concorde, Pompidou Center, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles Palace, Notre Dame, Sacré-Coeur, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower

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