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COM1010 Research Tutorial

Your Guide to a Successful Speech!

Scholarly Vs. Popular Materials

Following are links to examples of articles from Popular, Trade and Scholarly publications. Select the PDF after you have selected the link to see how the article appeared in the print publication.

It is important to understand the difference between "popular", "trade" and “scholarly” articles. It is likely that you will be asked you to find a mix of sources, like magazines, newspapers or scholarly journal articles, in your search results.

These types of articles can look very different, and are written for different audiences. The chart below highlights some of the different visual attributes of these article types.

Scholarly journal articles can also be referred to as “peer-reviewed” or “refereed” articles.Peer-review and refereed articles are the same thing: articles reviewed as being suitable for journal publication by experts in a particular field of study for accuracy and quality. Very often writers will end up submitting their articles multiple times until they meet the standards of a particular journal which makes journals very credible and trusted sources of information.

***Clicking on the image will open a PDF that you can save, print, etc.


Example articles from popular, trade and scholarly publications.

Select the PDF after you have clicked the link to see how the articles looked in the printed publications.