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Your Guide to a Successful Speech!

Tips for a Great Speech

public speakingPublic speaking can definitely be intimidating. But if you plan ahead and follow some of these helpful speech-giving suggestions, you can make your speech day far less daunting.

1. Talk about something that you’re passionate about or that interests you.

2. Use vocal variety when appropriate (pitch, pause, punch).

3. Tell a story; everyone loves a good story, and it’s a great way to gain attention.

4. Consider personal anecdotes; it can help an audience relate to you – just make sure they make sense with your speech topic.

5. Be clear about what you want your audience to retain; make those things impactful. Ask yourself what the lingering message is you want them to have.

6. Take the time to organize your speech. You can use an outline, maybe even notecards, or if you’re making a PowerPoint presentation, use your slides as cues.

7. Practice your speech out loud over and over. You can even practice it in front of a roommate, friend, or parent. Your comfort when presenting will show!

8. Limit movement such as pacing or unnecessary arm gestures.

9. Enjoy the moment; have fun with your speech!

10. If you get nervous, try and pretend that it's just a conversation with friends. It might help soothe your nerves!