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Faculty Publications

A guide to the books published by Wayne State University faculty.

Recent Faculty Publications

Queering Childhood in Early Modern English Drama

Chapter: "Asexuality, Adolescence, and ‘Age Drag’ in Early Modern Literature” 
Simone Chess, Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Professor

Geographical Gerontology

Edited by Malcom Cutchin, Professor

Preparing for the Occupational Therapy National Board Exam

Rosanne DiZazzo-Miller; Assistant Professor--Clinical
Contributions by Fredrick D. Pociask, Assistant Professor

Legacy of Boethius Medieval England

Chapter: "An Ethical History for the Self in Old English Boethius" by Hilary Fox, Assistant Professor

Dealing with the Dead

Chapter: “The Talking Dead: Exhortations of the Dead to the Living in Anglo-Saxon Literature” by Hilary Fox, Assistant Professor

Women's Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain

Chapter: “Common Libraries: Book Circulation and Identity in English Benedictine Convents, 1600-1700” by Jaime Goodrich, Associate Professor

A History of Early Modern Women's Writing

Chapter: “Reconsidering the Woman Writer: The Identity Politics of Anne Cooke Bacon” by Jaime Goodrich, Associate Professor

I Got to Keep Moving

Bill Harris, Professor Emeritus

Gender: Time

Chapter: "Introduction" by Renée C. Hoogland, Professor

Visions of Kinship in Medieval Europe

Hans Hummer, Professor

Maurice Sugar

Christopher H. Johnson, Professor Emeritus

Drug-Induced Diseases

Chapter: “Pancreatitis” by Pramodini B. Kale-Pradhan, Professor, and Sheila M. Wilhelm, Associate Professor
Volume edited by Douglas A. Miller, Professor Emeritus

The Biomechanics of Impact Injury

Albert King, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

The Motivation-Cognition Interface

Catalina E. Kopetz, Assistant Professor

Basic Conducting Techniques

Joseph A. Labuta, Professor Emeritus

The Social Origins of Language

Chapter: “Where is continuity likely to be found?” by Ljiljana Progovac, Professor

Type-2 Fuzzy Logic and Systems

Chapter: “Important and Challenging Issues for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Control Research” by Hao Ying, Professor

Aging Nationally in Contemporary Poland

Jessica C. Robbins, Ph.D. Anthropology, assistant Anthropology professor.

Basic Finite Element Method As Applied to Injury Biomechanics

Author King-Hay Yang, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering, Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Becoming a Transformative Leader

Carolyn Shields, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, College of Education

Autobiography of William Sanders Scarborough

Michelle Ronnic, Ph.D., Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Narrative Art and the Politics of Health

Aaron Martin, Ph.D. Political Science, Senior Lecturer in the Irvin D. Reid Honors College. Wrote Chapter 6 "The Cultural Production of Commodifying Under Resourced Bodies."

At the Forefront of Political Psychology

Ewa Golebiowska, Professor of Political Psychology and Political Behavior. Wrote Chapter 7: "Ethnic and Religious Tolerance in Poland through the Lens of the Sullivan."

Calling Memory into Place

Dora Apel, Ph.D. Art History, Professor Emerita- Modern and Contemporary Art History.

A Companion to Federico Fellini

Elena Past, Ph.D., Professor of Italian. Wrote chapter "Environmental Fellini."

Derrida's In/Voice

Chris Tysh, M.A., Senior Lecturer, Department of English.

Detroit's Hidden Channels

Karen Marrero, Ph.D. History, Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences.

French Connections

Karen Marrero (contributor), Ph.D. History, Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences.

Hark, Hark! Hear the Story of a Science Educator

Jazlin Ebenezer, Doctorate in Science Education, Professor of Science Education, College of Education.

The Inner Coast

Donovan Hohn, M.A. in Fiction, M.F.A. in Poetry, Associate Professor/Coordinator of Creative Writing, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Invisible Ink

Guy Stern, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German and Slavic Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

A Lincoln Legacy

David Gardner Chardavoyne, J.D., adjunct Professor at Wayne State Law School.

Medical Arabic

Abderrahman Zouhir, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Arabic Language Coordinator & Graduate Advisor for MALL Program and Near Eastern Languages, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Abdulqadir Abdulkarim, Ph.D., Professor of Arabic Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Minority Report

William Lynch, Ph.D., Science and Technology Studies, Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Stephen Chrisomalis, Ph.D. Anthropology, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Michael Liebler, M.A.T., senior lecturer, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Natalie Bakopoulos, M.F.A., Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of English.

Water, Rhetoric, and Social Justice

Kelsey Mesmer (contributor), Ph.D., Instructor, Thomas C. Rumble Fellow in the Department of Communication.

Weaponized Whiteness

Fran Shor, Ph.D. Philosophy, Professor Emeritus, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of History.