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Welcome Nurse Anesthesia Students

Welcome to Shiffman Medical Library Nurse Anesthesia Timesaver. This guide provides you access to a selected, core collection of resources available through the Wayne State University Library System and a few web resources to facilitate your research and learning activities.This guide consists of several pages highlighting various resources and services for:

Contact Shiffman Medical Library for additional health and medical information resources.

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Databases to use to search for articles on anesthesia topics:

Things to Remember

  • Use your WSU Access ID & password  for off campus access to the library resources.
  • Room reservations can be made a week in advance.
  • Use "360 Link to Full Text" to obtain full text articles.
  • When searching WSULS catalog, click "Get It!" to have the item be delivered to the Applebaum LRC for you to pickup.

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