Geology (with Environmental Science)

This is a guide to resources on Geology and Environmental Science.

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Welcome to the Research Guide for the Department of Geology.

This guide a useful starting place for your research in Geology and Environmental Science.  It contains a core collection of resources available through the Wayne State University Library System, as well as high quality eb resources. 

I am available by appointment to assist students and faculty with research related to Geology.  

Nancy Wilmes, Librarian Liaison for the Department of Geology and Environmental Science.

The guide consists of several pages (tabs) detailing our resources in these areas:

Article Databases

Onilne Journals


Reference Works


Geology Web Sites

Professional Organizations

Environmental Science Resources

State of Michigan Gem -- Isle Royale Greenstone (Chlorastrolite)

Chlorastrolite pebbles

Michigan designated Isle Royale greenstone (chlorastrolite) as the official state gem in 1973.

image from:


Michigan State Stone

Polished petoskey stone

Michigan designated the Petoskey stone as the official "state stone" in 1965 (Petoskey stone is actually not a stone but fossilized coral).

Image taken from:

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About the Geology Department:

At present, there are six full time faculty and four adjunct faculty in the Geology Department. There is also an active, student-led Geology and Environmental Science Club. There are approximately 150 undergraduates and 22 graduate students majoring in geology and environmental sciences.

Geology also serves a large portion of the WSU student body.  Approximately 1,200 students take the Geology: The Science of the Earth (GEL 1010) course each year. Many students continue with additional coursework in Geology.