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SIS Orientation: Library Services

This is a website used for the School of Information Sciences orientation.


The Wayne State University Library System participates in MelCat borrowing and lending. There are over 700 participating institutions in the State of Michigan. Online Degree program students who reside in Michigan may be affiliated with a local MelCat library.

When requesting items through MelCat, make sure to use your local MelCat library's account information, rather than your Wayne State University information -- Wayne State cannot ship to itself, but will gladly ship to your local MelCat library.


Online Degree program students who do not reside in Michigan, or who do reside in Michigan but are not affiliated with a participating MelCat library, can use WorldCat to see if materials are located in a library closer to home.

Additionally, academic libraries in your area may have a guest borrower card program that allows a student from another university or college purchase a guest borrower's card. Your local public library may have an Interlibrary Loan service that can be used.

For Assistance

  • Click here for more information about borrowing services available through the Wayne State Library System.
  • Click here for more information on Wayne State Library System's Interlibrary Loan service, including instructions for Distance Education/Online Degree Program students.

If Online Degree program students have any questions, please contact Interlibrary Loan's Mike Hawthorne at 313-577-4011, or through email at

Wayne State Interlibrary Loan

Online Degree program students can use the WSU Interlibrary Loan service. We are unable to provide material owned by other libraries to distance education students via ILL due to limitations in our reciprocal agreements with our lending partners. The first time you use Interlibrary Loan, you'll be asked to fill out a user profile after logging in with your WSU AccessID and Password.

  • Click here to go to the Interlibrary Loan login page.


  • When filling out the profile, it is very important for students to use the dropdown menus after both "Preferred Article Delivery Method" and "Preferred Loan Delivery Method" to select "Mail to Address." For the "Status" line, use the dropdown menu to select "Distance Ed Grad." For the "Delivery Location" line you can also choose "Mail to Address."


By identifying yourself as a "Distance Ed Grad" student in your ILL profile, books and physical materials available in any of the Wayne State University libraries can be sent to the student through the Interlibrary Loan service. Students are responsible for the costs involved in sending the material back. This service is only available for Online Degree program students, not for SLIS students who occasionally take an online class. The ILL team will verify your Online Degree program status.