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Digital Humanities Research Institute 2019

Wayne State University, July 16-19, 2019

Computing at the DHRI

Each participant at the DHRI will be working through the trainings on a laptop computer. If you don't have a laptop, our IT staff has prepared several laptops with pre-installed software that you can use during your time at the DHRI.

While we encourage participants to look through the DHRI curriculum and workshops beforehand, we ask that, unless you need your IT staff to install software onto a work computer, that you wait to install any software. This is because some of these installs are not straightforward, we will work through them together during the DHRI.

If you don't have a laptop

We will reach out to participants via email to verify their computing needs. If you need a laptop to participate, we can provide you with one.

If you plan to use a work laptop

If you will be using a work computer for the DHRI, you will need to work with your IT staff to ensure that the required software is installed on the machine. Additionally, some of the modules will require administrative privileges to your machine. And lastly, depending on how your machine is set up, if you have a user profile, the operating system used, and other scenarios, you will need to know where the root directory for putting files is, so you can navigate those files. Please share the curriculum with your IT specialist so they can understand what you will need to do at the DHRI and be able to set up your machine accordingly. Please contact with any questions.

If you plan to use your own laptop

If you're using your own laptop, please make sure it has at least 8 GB RAM are installed. Both Mac and OS machines will work for the DHRI; Linux operating systems are not covered in the curriculum.

Install list

Below is a table listing each DHRI session--under the "Sessions" column--and instructions to install the corresponding software that is needed to follow that session--under the "Software Installations" column. Some software installations are listed more than once, but only need to be installed once per computer. Click the hyperlinked name of the software--for example, VScode--to view the instructions to complete the installation of that software.

Session Software Installation Instructions
Command Line VScode, git
Git and Github VScode, git
Python VScode, Python
Databases Python, Pandas
Text-Analysis Python, NLTK
Mapping QGIS
Machine Learning Python, Pandas, NLTK, Sklearn
HTML/CSS VScode, Firefox
Digital Ethics  
Twitter API Python, Tweepy
Omeka Omeka

Additional Guides

These are two additional guides you may reference to assist with Conda and Jupyter Notebook:

Conda Package Management
Jupyter Notebook

All install guides above are based on work by: Hannah Aizenman, Michelle McSweeney, Rachel Rakov, Rafael Davis Portela, and Stefano Morello.