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Queer Literature

Selectors: Troy Walker and Tricia Venzke

For this guide we wanted to include notable literary and scholarly works by a wide array of LGBTQIA+ creators, as well as other resources to aid in the discovery of queer literature for education and entertainment. The titles and resources we've selected are by no means comprehensive or exhaustive, but hopefully a good place to get started.

Challenged and Banned Books

According to the American Library Association, books about Black and LGBTQIA+ individuals are the most frequently targeted in challenges to ban books in school and public libraries. This is from a recent 2021 spike in organized efforts to remove books from libraries across the US.

ALA: State of America's Libraries Report 2022

ALA: Frequently Challenged Books

ALA: Top Ten Most Challenged Books

ALA: Challenge Support


Article: Book Banning Efforts Surged in 2021. These Titles Were the Most Targeted.

Article: More books are banned than ever before, as Congress takes on the issue

Article: ALA Releases Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2021

[image from ALA's State of America's Libraries Report 2022]

Queer Booklists

Classic Queer Lit

Search Strategies

Searching for queer literature can be frustrating! According to the American Library Association, books with queer characters are often banned and may be difficult to find in library collections. In addition, evolving language can obscure books on queer topics and make using library classification systems (such as Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)) an arduous task (as illustrated in this entertaining NY Times article by a queer woman who struggles to find herself reflected in library classification systems and in life). Here are some of the LCSH that we used while searching in the WSU catalog for resources for this guide:




Databases & Websites

General Queer Lit

Contemporary Queer Lit

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