Ferrania Film (part of the Analog Anthropocene Project)

Ferrania Film Event and Exhibit to introduce the Analog Anthropocene Project

This webpage provides links to Library Resources about Ferrania Film in support of the Photo Exhibit and Community conversation/roundtable/discussion held in the Adamany Undergraduate Library at Wayne State University beginning May 16, 2024.

Ferrania Film and Related Resources

FILM (taking its name from the initial letters of Fabbrica Italiana Lamine Milano) was created in 1917 from the Societá Italiana Prodotti Esplodenti. They started collaborating with the French firm Pathé and began manufacturing motion-picture film in the mid-1920s. The company became Ferrania Limited in 1938. In 1954 the Italian firm was acquired by the American 3M Company, who spun it off to their Imation Division. The film factory stopped manufacturing film stock in 2009 and closed down in 2010. The company has since been taken over, and is once more called Ferrania Film.
              - Blot-Wellens, Camille. Physical Characteristics of Early Films As Aids to Identification : New Expanded Edition, Fédération internationale des archives du film, 2022. pp. 308-309.  NOTE:  This book entry on Ferrania includes photographs of Ferrania prints and negatives, and credits Alice Rispoli for her help.

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