GER 4600 - Products, Perspectives, and Practices of Culture

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Karen Liston
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You can make an appointment (above), or when I'm available, you can drop in on my Zoom Meeting Room by pasting this URL into your browser: If I'm available, I'll admit you within a few minutes. Try it out - I'd love to see you!

Catalogs (Books, Films, DVD's, Journal Titles, etc.)

You are encouraged to borrow (or suggest for purchase) the titles you need.  If you DO purchase a title for your research, consider donating it to the libraries, where we'll make it available for others to use, too!

Useful Tools

Dictionaries and Language Tools

Useful Essay Enrichment

MLA Style Tools & Citation Managers

Databases - Best Bets!

Databases to Explore

Research is . . .

ITERATIVE - as you learn about your topic and read research, you will need to search again.  Be sure you give yourself enough time to order materials through MeLCat and Interlibrary Loan, and schedule additional 'cycles' of searching and learning.

AN ART - There is no perfect or "right" way to search, but the more techniques you try the richer your discovery and exposure to the literature of the field can be.  Experiment with subject headings, synonyms, and different combinations.

CREATIVE - Your approaches, background, experiences, and interests will make your research unique.  Exploit the special talents you bring to your research, such as languages, travel, prior reading, etc.

COLLABORATIVE - Not only are you relating to other scholars by building on their work, citing integritously, and documenting your own scholarship so that others can use it integritously, but enriching your shared development by discussing your research with your classmates, professors, librarians, and others.