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Undergraduate (UGL): 313-577-8852
Purdy/Kresge: 313-577-6423
Arthur Neef Law: 313-577-6180
Shiffman Medical: 313-577-1094

For research assistance in a specific area or on a focused topic, it's best to contact a subject specialist librarian for help. See the list below, or use the tabs above to see how to get help from law librarians, medical librarians, or archivists.

Accounting Rhonda McGinnis
African American Studies Allia McCoy
Anthropology Monique Oldfield
Art & Art History Serena Vaquilar
Asian Studies Karen Liston
Astronomy Katrina Rouan
Biological Sciences Ida Martinez
Business Rhonda McGinnis
Chemistry Ida Martinez
Classical (Greek & Latin) Karen Liston
Communication Serena Vaquilar
Communication Sciences & Disorders Katrina Rouan
Computer Science Damecia Donahue
Criminal Justice Monique Oldfield
Dance Serena Vaquilar
Economics Rhonda McGinnis
Education Karen Liston
Employment & Labor Relations Rhonda McGinnis
English Veronica Bielat
English Language & Literature Veronica Bielat
English Language Institute Karen Liston
Engineering Damecia Donahue
Film Studies Veronica Bielat
Finance Rhonda McGinnis
Foundation Center Monique Oldfield
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Allia McCoy
German Studies Karen Liston
Geology Ida Martinez
Gerontology Monique Oldfield
Global Studies Karen Liston
Global Supply Chain Management Rhonda McGinnis
History Alexandra Sarkozy
Honors College Veronica Bielat
Information Systems Management Rhonda McGinnis
Journalism Serena Vaquilar
Kinesiology, Health, & Sports Studies Meghan McGowan
Latino/a & Latin American Studies Ida Martinez
Management Rhonda McGinnis
Marketing Rhonda McGinnis
Mathematics Rhonda McGinnis
Music Serena Vaquilar
Near Eastern Studies Karen Liston
Neuroscience Ida Martinez
Nursing Alexandra Sarkozy
Nutrition and Food Science Meghan McGowan
Philosophy Alexandra Sarkozy
Physics Katrina Rouan
Political Science Veronica Bielat
Psychology Katrina Rouan
Public Health Meghan McGowan
Religion Alexandra Sarkozy
Romance Languages Karen Liston
School of Information Science Rachael Clark
Slavic Studies Karen Liston
Sociology Monique Oldfield
Social Work Monique Oldfield
Speech Serena Vaquilar
Theatre Serena Vaquilar
Urban Studies & Urban Planning Allia McCoy

Law Librarians at the Arthur Neef Law Library are available to help you with your law/legal research. 

Jan Bissett

Reference and Faculty Liaison Services

Michelle LaLonde, Interim Director

Student and Instructional Services

Kathryn Polgar

Collection Development

Michael Samson

Digital Interface Services

The librarians at the Shiffman Medical Library can help with specific areas of medical research. From the list below, find the medical librarian who can best help you with your research.


Academic Medicine and Student Programs LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Anatomy and Cell Biology/Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences Ella Hu
Anesthesiology LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology Ella Hu
Clinical Laboratory Science Wendy Wu
Continuing Medical Education LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Dermatology LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Emergency Medicine LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Ella Hu
Forensic Investigation Wendy Wu
Graduate Medical Education LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Internal Medicine LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Mortuary Science Wendy Wu
Neurology Ella Hu
Neurosurgery Ella Hu
Nurse Anesthesia Wendy Wu
Obstetrics and Gynecology LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Occupational Therapy Wendy Wu
Oncology Ella Hu
Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Orthopaedic Surgery LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Pathologists’ Assistant Wendy Wu
Pathology LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Pediatrics LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Pharmaceutical Sciences Wendy Wu
Pharmacology Wendy Wu
Pharmacy Practice Department Wendy Wu
PharmD: Doctor of Pharmacy Wendy Wu
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Physical Therapy Wendy Wu
Physician Assistant Studies Wendy Wu
Physiology Ella Hu
Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences Ella Hu
Radiation Therapy Technology Wendy Wu
Radiologic Technology Wendy Wu
Radiology Wendy Wu
Surgery LaVentra Ellis-Danquah
Urology LaVentra Ellis-Danquah


Aliqae Geraci Director
Bart Bealmear Air Line Pilots Association Archivist (ALPA)
Stefanie Caloia, CA

American Federation of State, County and

        Municipal Employees Archivist (AFSCME)

Kristen Chinery Reference Archivist
Elizabeth Clemens Audiovisual Archivist
Troy Eller English Society of Women Engineers Archivist (SWE)
Aimee Ergas Collections Archivist for Jewish Detroit
Daniel Golodner American Federation of Teachers Archivist (AFT)
Taylor Henning University Archivist
Louis Jones,PhD, CA Field Archivist, Donor Relations
Sarah Lebovitz Service Employees International Union Archivist (SEIU)
Paul S. Neirink Digital Resources Specialist
Shae Rafferty Labor and Urban Affairs Archivist
Gavin Strassel United Automobile Workers Archivist (UAW)
Mary Wallace Audiovisual Archivist