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Pianos in the Libraries

This guide is to help answer questions about the pianos in the libraries (UGL and Purdy/Kresge).

New! In the Libraries!

Now available in the libraries: PIANOS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use them?

  • Any Wayne State Affiliate: Students, Staff, Faculty. You don't have to be a music major or music student to use them.

How do I check one out?

What is needed to reserve?

  • To reserve, you'll need your access ID and password. Then, you'll need your OneCard to check out the key to the room at the circulation desk of the building where the piano is that you've reserved. (Keys for the Purdy/Kresge piano are at P/K; keys for the UGL piano at UGL.)

What else should I know?

  • The pianos are still in a library, so we are encouraging everyone to use headphones with them. There is an input jack on the back of the piano to plug in your headphones, where you will likely need an adapter if you're using headphones that you would normally plug into a laptop. If there is not one already in the piano room/piano, please feel free to ask for one at the circulation desk.

If no one else has reserved the room, can I use it?

  • We are encouraging everyone to use the reservation system, so please go to and reserve even if it's right now
  • If no one else is in the room, there is not currently a desk or flat space for study, so it is really only set up for piano use.

What are the hours for the pianos?

  • The hours are the same as those for the building that the piano is in. 

More questions? 

Piano Visuals

How do I turn it on? (AKA Where's the power button?)

The power button is on the right side of the keyboard, just above the last piano key.


Where do I plug in my headphones?

Headphone jack is under the left side of the keyboard. There should be an adapter already plugged into the jack, so you should only have to plug your headphones (or headphones you checked out from the circulation desk) into that adapter.