English Language Learning

This Guide has links to helpful materials for English Language Learners.

Strategies to find articles

Best Bets

These "Best Bets" are large academic databases and include citations on most topics.  Skip to the boxes below for more subject-specific options, such as History, Humanities, Newspapers, Social Sciences, etc.


Humanities (Literature, Art, Music, Film, etc.)


Social Sciences (Law, Political Science, etc.)

Finding Journals in Your Academic Discipline

It's possible to search WSU's eJournals or databases such as Ulrich's, WorldCat to find specific journal titles (especially if you already know the name of the journal). Searching across many journals at once by using a database is highly recommended.  Use Chat or consult a librarian if you need help.


Professional/Trade Journals:

           Cancer: diagnosis treatment research
ISSN: 0008-543X    (Academic; Scholarly)

Academic Research Journals:

          American Journal of Clinical Oncology (Academic, Scholarly)

Tutorials (How to . . . )

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