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Shiffman - Choosing a Journal for Publishing Your Work

For medical faculty, fellows, residents, and students.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Journal for your Case Report

1. Is the journal trustworthy? The number of journals dedicated to publishing case reports has exploded in recent years. Unfortunately, approximately half of these journals engage in questionable or "predatory" publishing practices. Choose only trusted journals for publishing your work: Think. Check. Submit.

2. Can I obtain patient consent? Some case report journals strictly require that you obtain signed consent for publication from the patient or guardian, even if your manuscript does not contain identifying information. 

3. Do I want other people to find my case report? Choose a journal that is listed in PubMed.

4. Can I afford the author fee? Many case report journals are open access and charge authors a fee upon manuscript submission or acceptance. 

Lists of Case Report Journals

Below are lists of recommended case report journals for particular medical specialties with specific information about author fees. The contents of all recommended journals can be found in PubMed. For a list of case report journals in your specialty area, contact