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Meetings & Events

LVST Bi-weekly Meetings

Regular Bi-weekly LVST Meetings are held at various places across the library system and are open to all library system employees. Starting in January 2021, the LVST will hold two meetings per month, one open and one closed.

Open Meetings: Open to all.
Closed Meetings: Allow the LVST to meet as a team and review and strategize the advancement of work put forth by Library System Staff.

Library System Staff can be added to open and closed meeting agendas by submitting a LVST Presentation Proposal Form.

View LVST Biweekly meeting minutes on Sharepoint


LVSTuesdays are 90-minute sessions for pitching ideas for new projects, providing project updates, and networking. 


LVST STAT has two meanings: (1) Second Tuesday At Two, which is the date and time of the sessions, and (2) "urgent" or "rush" in medical terms. LVST STAT sessions are a platform for ideation in which audience members are presented with a problem and participate in guided activities to elicit actions or solutions to address that problem.

The Library Vision Support Team launched the Ignite Challenge, a series of events that brought together staff from across the Library System to generate ideas and implement a solution to address a challenge. Our first Ignite Challenge topic asked participants to consider the ways we may use our existing infrastructures to create or modify library services or spaces to promote social justice in our community. The Wayne State University Library System can be a positive force toward social justice and the Ignite Challenge was designed as a platform for inclusive dialogue, collaboration, and solution-based approaches to developing action items.

detroit counts 2020 logo

The Library Vision Support Team supported Detroit Counts, a Wayne State University Library System sponsored public event series focused on the U.S. census. Through web-based public events, the series explored how the U.S. census offers a picture of the past and shapes the community’s future. The four-part series is documented at  


The Library Vision Support Team launched an initiative that pairs two colleagues in an effort to get to know one another through a series of brief questions. It's a great chance to meet and learn something new about people and, by sharing, everyone has the opportunity to learn with you. Conversations are archived here. If you're interested in having a conversation, please Email  

Upcoming Meetings & Events

If you have an idea you'd like to share with the LVST at a future meeting or event, please fill out the LVST Presentation Proposal Form. We look forward to seeing you!

Images are from the Noun Project: Report by Hea Poh Lin, Networking by Daouna Jeong, and Stats by Astonish.
Detroit Counts and Conversations with Colleagues logos created by Jill Wurm.