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eBooks at Wayne State University

Reading, Downloading, and Printing

eBooks at Wayne State University

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Do the WSU Libraries have eBooks?  Yes, the WSU Libraries have thousands of eBooks covering a variety of fields and topics. 

How do I find them?  eBook titles can be searched in the catalog or in Summon where a link to the full text of the eBook will be available.  Users may also choose to go directly to one of our eBook collections where specific types of eBooks are grouped together.  We have collections of reference materials, technical manuals, early English books, and more. 

How do I read them? Reading online is the best option. Special software is not required.

Do I need to set-up an account?  If you would like to download an eBook from an ebrary or EBSCO collection you will need to establish an account.  Other collections may also require an account, but there are no charges for these materials. 

Why can't I read the eBook, it says "in use."  Due to our licensing agreements with publishers, many of the eBooks in our collections are limited to one user at a time. Often you will be prompted to be placed on a hold list for the next available copy.

If you need more assistance with eBooks, please Ask a Librarian.


Search for eBooks and More

The WSU Libraries have over 1,000,000 eBooks!  

Search across our collections using the Summon search box below. Refine results with filters for resource type, date, subject, and more.


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What are eBooks?

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   An eBook, electronic book,  E-Book; or Digital Book, is a digital version of a book.  It may have been published electronically at the same time as the printed edition or  it may be a digital copy made later by scanning the printed version.

  • The quickest way to use them is just to read them online.
  • Chapters or small sections can often be printed or downloaded fairly easily.
  • Downloading entire ebooks is sometimes possible (though you may need to set up an account and download Adobe Digital Editions, Bluefire, or other). 
  • Many of our ebooks allow access by more than one person at a time.

eBook Formats

Some platforms allow you to choose the download format. The two most common formats are:


Most devices can read a PDF file, but it may be difficult to read on smaller screens.


Text flow is adjusted to fit the screen of your device (this may change the pagination). This format is used by Adobe Digital Editions and can be read on most devices including Apple and Android.  an open-standard file format for digital books and one of the most widely supported along with .pdf and .txt.  EPUB eBooks also support embedded content, allowing, for instance, a Flash video to be embedded within an ebook.

eReader Devices


When using an eReader device, an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Kindle, or Nook, you may need to download specialized, free apps such as Adobe Digital Editions and BlueFire Reader.  Specialized instructions may be available by platform on the eBook Providers and Platforms page.

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