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Welcome Norup International School!

TED Talk: Filter Bubbles

Eli Pariser is the author of The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding from You (2011).

What is your filter bubble?

What do you think? (Website Evaluation)

Key Concepts (Keywords) for Searching

Connectors (Boolean Operators )

Connectors (or Boolean Operators) can help you get better search results in a database.

What is the Deep Web?

Not everything is available on the internet for free. Find out what information is buried beneath the surface, and how to access it for free.

Find out more using MeL Databases...

A library database is a special collection of information sources. They may or may not be available individually on the internet. What is nice about using a database is that it brings quality information from both free and "not free" resources and makes them available to you in one place. Database access from the Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) is free to you because you are a resident of the state of Michigan.

You need to use keywords and connectors (boolean operators) to search a database. Searches will not work very well if you type in sentences or questions.

You can use the databases to look for articles about how others have addressed the problem you have identified, or to find some general statistics or information about your problem.


Find more with MEL.

Click the Mel button to get to more databases and other resources to help you find information for your project, and other homework assignments you may have.