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Purdy/Kresge Library Globe

Welcome to the Home of the Purdy/Kresge Globe! 

Created by: Luke Kurfess, Rachael Monroe, and Kelsey Walker

If you've come here from the Globe on the first floor of the Purdy Kresge, you're in the right place! This globe was created by the Denoyer-Geppert company in the year 1954. Based on the international borders, this specific globe was created sometime between January and July. You can find this out by looking at the country of Vietnam. On this globe, it is a unified country. However, in July of 1954 the country split into two, with a Communist controlled North Vietnam and a Capitalist controlled South Vietnam. In addition to this, you can see several other borders that look different from today. For example, this globe was made before:

  • The decolonization and independence movements of many African countries
  • The reunification of East and West Germany
  • The independence movements of many Soviet countries
  • The fall of the Soviet Union
  • Statehood for Alaska and Hawaii
  • The decolonization and independence movements of many British colonies
  • And many more examples

Please check out the rest of this guide for more information!