Creating Research Posters

Setting Up a Poster in PowerPoint

Because PowerPoint is available to WSU students, faculty, and staff, it's one of the easiest options for creating research posters. Unless you are working with a template, though, using PowerPoint in this way requires some setup. The video below, from the Graduate School and Libraries at Illinois State University, provides a succinct guide to your initial setup.

Note: Initial setup needs to be done with a desktop version of PowerPoint, not the online version

Many of the options mentioned in the video cannot be set in online version. After setting up your poster using the desktop version of PowerPoint, you can then use the online version to collaborate with any co-authors, group members, or faculty mentors you may have.

If you are looking for additional guidance in creating your poster, there are more videos from ISU that cover populating your poster with content:

Generic WSU PowerPoint Poster Templates

These use the WSU "primary" logo by default, but school or department logos can be found at under the "School, College and Division" or "Department, program and unit" headings.

4:3/Standard Poster Templates

16:9/Widescreen Poster Templates

School/Department-Specific PowerPoint Poster Templates

betterposter in PowerPoint

If you are interested in creating a poster using Mike Morrison's #betterposter model, a landscape and portrait template for use with PowerPoint is available via the Open Science Framework:

A thumbnail image of the betterposter layout