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Religion: Getting Started

Library Resources and Websites for students and others interested in studying or writing papers about Religion.

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Religion at WSU

Religious Studies



Program Description 

The Religious Studies Program at Wayne State University offers undergraduate students the option of a Religious Studies Minor. This is designed for undergraduates majoring in other areas or disciplines. It comprises a minimum of 21 credits to include the following:

  1. One course in Comparative Religion
  2. A course on one of the following topics:
    Philosophy of Religion
    Anthropology of Religion
    Sociology of Religion  or Cults, Myths, and Religions in Society
  3. Broadly based courses on two of the following religions:
    Judaism (e.g. Survey of Jewish History and Civilization or The Bible and Ancient Mythology)
    Christianity (e.g. The English Bible as Literature)
    Islam (e.g. Introduction to Islamic Civilization of the Near East)

  4. One course in another religious tradition (e.g. The African Religious Experience)

  5. One additional course from a list of available electives in Religious Studies (e.g. Religious Experience of the Ancient Greeks and Romans)

  6. A capstone seminar/directed study designed to allow each student to work on an independent project in Religious Studies with a participating faculty member, but also to meet with other students doing the Religious Studies Minor (3 cr.)


Welcome to the Guide for Religion!

I hope that you will find this guide a useful starting place for your research in Religion. I have assembled a core collection of resources available through the Wayne State University Library System, as well as high quality, freely available web resources. This guide is a collaborative work-in-progress, developed with the suggestions and feedback from students and faculty in Religion.

I am available by appointment to assist students and faculty with research related to Religion. You may also contact me to schedule research workshops for classes or to suggest items for purchase.

Alexandra Sarkozy

Liaison Librarian for Religion

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