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International Baccalaureate Program

This guide is designed to assist students who are in the International Baccalaureate program.

Power Searching in Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a powerful tool for locating articles and books for research papers. Watch this video to understand what kinds of resources you can find in Google Scholar, power searching tools to help you narrow your search, and helpful tools available in the Google Scholar search results page.

Accessing Articles through Open Access and JSTOR Register & Read

There are ways to locate quality scholarly resources free on the internet, but it can be challenging to find them by just searching the internet with Google or other search engines. Watch this video to learn about Open Access and the resources you can use to find scholarly articles and books online.

My JSTOR logoThe MyJSTOR Register & Read program allows you to set up an account in JSTOR, and access full-text of over 1,200 journals.

MyJSTOR Register & Read lets you create a bookshelf, and have access to read up to 6 articles for 30 days (Note--this access has been expanded due to COVID). After 30 days, the selected articles are removed, and you can add an additional 6 items to your bookshelf.

Information about MyJSTOR Register & Read

Discover Open Access Books

Borrowing WSU Library Books through MeLCat (Michigan Electronic Library Catalog)

MeLCat is a service of the Michigan Electronic Library (MeL). You can use MeLCat to request books from over 100 libraries in the state of Michigan, including Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. Use your local public library card to request books, and pick them up at your local public library.

Important News about MelCat borrowing

Detroit Public Library does not participate in MelCat. If you are a Detroit or Highland Park Resident, you can borrow books directly from Detroit Public Library. You can search the Detroit Public Library catalog for books here

To find out if your library is a participating MelCat member, check this link

Learn more about using MeLCat by watching the video below.

Use this link to get to