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Computer Science

A guide to resources in computer science, cybernetics, computer networking.

Finding a Specific Article

If you are looking for a specific article and you know its Title, the Publication it appeared in and other citation information, you can enter that information into our Citation Linker to see if Wayne State has a copy of it in electronic format.

Citation Linker

For best results you need to enter the Journal Title, Year of publication, article title, page ranges, and if possible an ISSN or Pubmed (pmid) identifier. When you submit this information ArticleLinker will attempt to find the article for you. If WSU subscribes to this title in electronic format you may be able to click the ARTICLE button to view your article. If not you may request a copy of the article using the Request Digital Delivery button. You will typically receive the article within 24 hours.

Finding Full Text

When searching for journal articles it is best to start in one of the WSU Licensed databases.

WSU Article Databases

Many databases will contain the full-text of journal articles. These are known as Full-Text Databases, and you will be able to read and/or print your article directly.

If you receive a red message that the article is not available, use the "Request digital delivery" link below the message and follow the instructions to order the article. Digital delivery sends a PDF version of the article to you. You will receive notice via email, usually within 48 hours.

If you continue to have difficulty retrieving the article, contact Ask-a-Librarian or a reference desk at one of the libraries.

Article Reach Direct

Use this link to order an article that is NOT available from the WSU Libraries or databases. You will need to fill in citation information in the form provided. NOTE: You can also use this form to order a copy of an article that is in STORAGE at WSU.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search