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Law - European Union Research: Tracking Developing Issues

Summaries of Eu Legislation

Summaries of EU Legislation  presents overviews of the main aspects of European Union legislation in a concise and easy-to-read manner.  They often will include information about new legislation.

Preparatory Acts

The Preparatory Acts pages at Eur-Lex includes COM documents and staff working documents, which can be searched by keyword or browsed by year.

Activities of the European Union

Activities of the European Union provides overview and informational links about several policy areas in which the European Union is active.

Other Sources

Look for Com Documents

The European Commission is the main source of new legislation in the European Union. 

Com Documents, or Commission Documents from the European Commission include legislative 

proposals (draft legislation- the equivalent to bills in the US).  It also includes "white papers," "green papers," and other documents pertaining to recent policy issues. 

European Parliament

The European Parliament provides committee reports and floor debates on EU legislation in the European Parliament.  Use the Legislative Observatory database to track action on proposed legislation.  Free registration may be required to use some parts of this database.

Search PreLex

The PreLex database is the main website for monitoring European Commission proposals.

Europa News Home Page

You can track issues generally at the Europa News home page.  This has generally taken over from a previous document called the Bulletin of the European Union.

Search Lexis and Westlaw

Lexis and Westlaw both have news databases which can be used to track current European Union developments.

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Search General Sites

A good way to track news about general EU developments is to use a website like Google News or a more specialized news site such as Jurist Legal News and Research.   Click on “Topics” and choose “European Union” to get a specialized news page which includes links to documents mentioned in the news stories.