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Library resources, services and policies for first year law students.


LexisNexis and Westlaw are two of the largest commercial providers of electronic legal research materials. These online services, in conjunction with their counter-part print books, dominate the U.S. legal publishing industry.   Bloomberg Law, a relative newcomer in the legal information market, offers an alternative to the established and familiar LexisNexis and Westlaw.

As law students, you are provided access to all three of these commercial services.  You will receive training from the respective vendor representatives on research techniques and content.  Evaluate their offerings and learn to recognize how their products are integrated into your curriculum.  Once in practice, the use of these services is fee-based and your future employer may provide access to only one of these providers, so be flexible and become skilled in and familiar with the use of all three of these services while you are a student. All three vendors offer free certification programs for law students, which can be an advantage when seeking summer or permanent legal employment.

Bloomberg Law

Live Help Center:  888.560.2529



Research Help & Support:  800.455.3947

Representative: Tom Smith


Research Help & Support:  800.850.9378

Representative:  Elan Kleis

Obtaining Passwords

BloombergLaw, LexisNexis and Westlaw sign-up information and registration codes will be emailed to your WSU email during Week 1 of Wayne Law 101.

If you have not received an email with your Library Research Database registration codes and links after August 5, 2021, please contact librarian Michelle LaLonde  ( or 313.577.9381) for assistance.


TWEN is one tool used by faculty to post syllabuses, course assignments, and other class materials.  

Activate your Westlaw registration to access TWEN, then sign on to add the "First Week Assignments" page, plus any class pages your professors might have in TWEN, once they are made available by faculty.