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Undergraduate (UGL): 313-577-8852
Purdy/Kresge: 313-577-6423
Arthur Neef Law: 313-577-6180
Shiffman Medical: 313-577-1094

WRT Zone

The Warrior Writing, Research & Technology Zone

Located on the 2nd floor of the UGL, the WRT Zone is your one-stop shop for help with writing projects, library research, and technology support.


The WRT Zone offers support for writing in many different ways, including generating ideas, revision, resumes, personal statement, etc. They offer face-to-face tutoring, in-class, workshops, online, and virtual meetings. For more information and to make an appointment, visit the current writing zone website.


The WRT Zone can assist with everything from the basic research paper to theses and dissertations. They have experienced library staff available to help with the many aspects of library research, including citation styles, finding sources, evaluating resources, getting full text, etc. For more information, go to the research help site.


The WRT Zone offers a variety of technology assistance, including video editing, graphics creation, MS Office support, E-portfolios, etc. Additionally, we have several computers with the Adobe Creative Suite for students who want to work on multimedia projects. Our location is also equipped with two Whisper Rooms where students can work on multimedia projects in a more private and sound isolated environment. For specific hardware, software and policies of the WRT Zone, visit the technology help site.


Stop on in, or make an appointment by calling (313) 577-6109 or send an email to