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Shiffman -WSU Residents

Essential information on library resources and research support for WSU Residents.

Selected clinical decision support tools

UpToDate.Topic reviews, patient handouts, calculators, and drug interactions. (Note: You must create a free personal UpToDate account to use this resource.)

DynaMed Plus.Topic reviews and calculators.

ClinicalKey. Textbooks, journals, treatment guidelines, drug monographs, patient handouts, and images and videos. 

AccessMedicine. Textbooks, quick reference, drug monographs, images and videos, self-assessments, patient handouts, case files. 

Clinical Pharmacology. Drug information.

Cochrane Library. Databases of systematic reviews, clinical trials, and clinical answers to support evidence-based medicine.

Clinical apps

 UptoDate Apple iOSAndroid

Note: Requires WIFI/Internet connect to access the content.  If users do not login to UpToDate within 90 days, they need to authenticate from a WSU computer or remotely via UptoDate on Shiffman Medical Library Website

UptoDate also has a variety of calculators which can be chosen by specialty or alphabetically. The calculators are grouped by specialty under clinical criteria and medical equations. 

DynaMed Plusfor Apple iOS, Android 

Note: DynaMed App is a native app which requires 899 MB of memory for the Full Install. Users need WIFI/Internet connection to get update

DynaMed Plus also has a large amount of calculators which can be searched or browsed alphabetically. 


ClinicalKeyClinicalKey forApple iOS, Android 

Note: Requires WIFI/Internet connect to access journals, books, drug monographs, clinical overviews, guidelines, procedure videos, patient education and multimedia.

  • Go to ClinicallKey and click "Register" on upper right corner to create a user profile
  • You will get a confirmation from Elsevier. Follow the email instruction to activate your remote access
  • Open the app and enter the user name & password you created to access ClinicalKey content listed above. 

  Clinical Pharmacology for Apple iOSAndroid Istruction 

Note:  Users need WIFI/Internet connection to access drug monographs, drug interaction, adverse reactions and drug ID.

Note: To get updates, users need to have WIFI/Internet connect. User's password needs to be updated on an annual basis. Once the current password nears expiration, the app will remind the user to enter a new one. At that time, return to Micromedex website or contact Shiffman Medical Library (313-577-1094 / to obtain the new password. 

Drug Ref The Micromedex® Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers app for Apple iOS , Android and Windows 8® Devices 

  The Micromedex® Drug Interactions app for Apple iOS or Android

   The Micromedex® IV Compatibility app for Apple iOS and Android

Micromedex NeoFax   The IBM Micromedex NeoFax app for Apple iOS and Android

Micromedex Pediatrics  The IBM Micromedex Pediatrics app for Apple iOS and Android


  • Obtain the password from the Micromedex website or contact Shiffman Medical Library (313-577-1094 / for assistance
  • Download apps listed above 
  • Open the app on your device. Enter the password you obtained to begin using Mobile Micromedex

Lexicomp app for Apple iOS and Android 

Note: Contact Shiffman Medical Library to get an authorization code for access. 

  • Create an account with Lexicomp via the Lexicomp website and activate your subscription within this account
  • Install the Lexicomp app on your mobile device and sign in with your login and password from your Lexicomp account

 VisualDX for Apple iOSAndroid (Instructions)

Note: Requires WIFI/Internet connect to access the content.

  • Create your personal username and password
  • Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play
  • Launch the VisualDx app from your device and sign in using the username and password you registered
  • Access VisualDX 

  JoVE for iPad/iPhone and Android

Note: Requires WIFI/Internet connect to access the content.

  • Download app from Apple Store or Google Play
  • Open the app and sign up a user name and password
  • Browse and search the Journal of Visualized Experiments videos and protocol text.