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Shiffman -WSU Residents

Essential information on library resources and research support for WSU Residents.

WSU Data Catalog

Search the WSU Data Catalog to discover datasets generated by, licensed to, or publicly available to WSU researchers.


City of Detroit Health Department. Data on natality, cancer, mortality, infant mortality and birth defects, ambulatory care, hospitalizations, medical procedures, and STDs.

CDC Adolescent and School Health in Detroit. Data on youth risk behavior and health.  


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.Data on communicable diseases, hospitalizations, mortality, natality, infant mortality and birth defects, maternal and child health, health disparities, cancer, chronic diseases, and health-related behaviors. 

Key Health Data about Michigan. Key adult, adolescent, and child health indicators. 

United States

CDC FastStats. Quick access to nationwide data on diseases and conditions, natality and mortality, and healthcare utilization.

Health Services Research Information Central. Links to many sources of US health and healthcare data.  

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. Health behaviors and healthcare information by county.

Community Health Needs Assessment. Run a health indicators report to see data on healthcare utilization, health behaviors, and morbidity and mortality for different counties.

PeriStats. Data on maternal and infant health. 


WHO Global Health Observatory Data. Data on mortality, urban health, neglected tropical diseases, noncommunicable and infectious diseases, substance use and mental health, injuries, and child health.