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Here. There. Everywhere.

An online site to accompany the traveling exhibit from NASA, Chandra X-ray Observatory at Harvard, and the Smithsonian.

Symphony of Science

Symphony of Science

"The Symphony of Science is a musical project of John D Boswell, designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. The project owes its existence in large measure to the classic PBS Series Cosmos, by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Steve Soter, as well as all the other featured figures and visuals."

"The goal of the project is to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public, in a novel way, through the medium of music."

If you have not had a chance to view these videos, then enjoy! They are a wonderful way to bring science concepts to students of all ages.

These videos include internationally known scientists and presenters like David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Stephen Hawking.

A Wave of Reason

The Case for Mars

The Poetry of Reality

The Unbroken Thread

Our Place in the Cosmos

We Are All Connected

A Glorious Dawn

The Big Beginning

Secret of the Stars

Our Biggest Challenge

We Are Star Dust

Monsters of the cosmos

The World of the Dinosaurs

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Onward to the Edge!

The Quantum World

Children of Africa: The Story of Us

Ode to the Brain