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Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, and Legends

This guide specifically supports the coursework for German 2991, 5790, & 7790, as well as Fairy Tales studies in general.


Wayne State University Press Books (Series in Fairy Tale Studies)

Wayne State University Scholarship

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Subject Headings

Excellent scholarship surrounding 'fairy tales,' etc. is frequently found in print anthologies characterized by diverse themes.  This makes subject heading searching a critical strategy to access this material (where keywords alone may not work well).  Indexes in the backs of these books point to pages where specific tales or themes can be found throughout the book. To search by subject heading in the WSU Catalog, change the dropdown box from KEYWORD to SUBJECT, and experiment with some of the following headings:

  • Fables
  • Fairy Tales (and the 179 narrower subheadings displayed, including the names of specific countries, etc)
  • Fantasy Literature
  • Frame-stories
  • Legends
  • Mythology
  • Parables
  • Symbolism in Fairy Tales
  • Tall Tales
  • Tales