COM 1010 - Oral Communication: Basic Speech

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This library guide has links to library databases and resources you can use to locate scholarly, credible sources of information for your speeches.

If you'd like to learn more independently about using the library, types of sources, citing and plagiarsim, go to the COM1010 Research Tutorial here.

Need help with something specific, like how to search using keywords or get full-text of any article. Try our YouTube Channel or you can Ask-A-Librarian 24x7


Looking for the COM1010 Video Bank?

The COM 1010 video bank is located in your Canvas course. To access them:

  1. Go to the home page of your COM 1010 Canvas course
  2. Scroll down to: Library: Information Literacy, Citation, and Assignment Resources
  3. ​Click the link on the first entry in that module: Social Justice Speeches: Examples
  4. You should see a bank of videos. 
    • For a larger selection of videos, scroll down to the bottom of that page. You should see: “In addition to the speeches above, please see the following link for a larger selection of videos: Social Justice Speech Examples.docx.”
    • Select the Word file link, which contains a list of hyperlinked video titles that take you directly to the videos. You can see videos in the Social Justice Speech Examples/or select a video from the hyperlinked document.

If you are still having trouble finding the video bank, please email

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Need a topic?

Some databases have topic or issues lists that are helpful for getting topic ideas.  The links below take you to topic lists you can browse. 

Of course, you can always use the article databases tab, or newspapers tab in this guide to find other great places to search. You can also use other library guides for help researching various subjects like psychology, Africana studies, and women's studies as appropriate to your topic.

Search for Articles, Books, & More

Use this box to search Summon, the library's discovery system, for articles, books, and more.

Specialized Databases

Try one of the library databases below to find articles, book chapters, video, audio and more.

You can also use any of the library guides as relevant to your topic by clicking this link: library guides.

Need statistics? Our Social Science Data guide and Health Statistics guide can get you there fast!

Search Strategy Worksheet

Use the search strategy worksheet to help you organize the research process.  The first step is to come up with a question or statement you'd like to investigate.  From there, pull out your main concepts, and conclude the sheet by filling in synonyms for your main concepts.  Happy searching!