HE 1010 - Foundations of Health and Health Promotion

Understanding information sources

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Finding scholarly information

You can start your search using Summon (the search box below), the Library's discovery system. This is a very broad search that will find full-text articles, books, and more. The other databases listed will provide more targeted information as they are more specialized.

For all of them, you can use the limiters on the left side of your search results to select Scholarly/Peer Review (depends on the database) and Journal Article to get articles from peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

Search here for articles, books, and more.

Health Stats and Demographic Data

State of Michigan Resources for Consumer Health and Health Professionals

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The Michigan Electronic Library, or MeL, is available to any Michigan resident with an internet connection. You can also access these resources in schools, public libraries and secondary education institutions, like Wayne State University.

MeL provides access to databases that contain scholarly, practitioner and quality consumer health information. It is a resource you can use when you are a professional in the field.