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HON1000 - The City: Changing Detroit

Quick Reference Guide for HON1000

Veronica Bielat, librarian for the Honors College
165 Teaching Commons/Purdy-Kresge Library

1. Getting Started

2. Giving credit

3. Finding (and using) databases

  • Some good starting options are listed under the Research Paper tab in this guide
  • Use the   Article Databases   link on the library homepage to browse databases
    • Use the "All Subjects" dropdown to limit by subject area
  • Use Power Searching & Database Tools, linked below, to get the most out of your database search:

4. Primary sources at the Reuther Library

  • Search for specific people, places, or things in the Reuther Library:

5. Finding books

Library   Catalog   search (

  • Keep keywords broad, too specific and there won’t be any results
  • Look for relevant “Subject” links in a book’s catalog record

6. Keep a research diary

  • Track where you search and what you’ve searched for
  • Make sure you know how to get back to a useful source you've found
    (i.e., download the article, find a Permalink or Document URL, copy down a DOI)
  • Note why you think the source might be relevant to your topic
  • Consider using a citation management tool like Zotero or EndNote