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Information Sciences Technology Toolbox

Resources for SIS IM Courses

Introduction to Programming with Python

These resources are great for those who are new to python or enrolled in INF 6000 Introduction to Information Management, or INF 6050 Introduction to Computer Programming.

Many of these have been used as course textbooks or recommended readings.

You will need to login with your access ID to view e-books available through Wayne State University Libraries.

Please check with your instructor to make sure you're using the correct edition for your course.

These resources include book codes and other items that don't fit neatly into books, videos or projects.


IDEs are Integrated Development Environments that make programming easier.

These tutorials should be helpful when installing the Spyder IDE.

Beyond the Basic Concepts & Advanced Programming

Python on Social Media

Social media is a great resource for folks new to python as well as professionals.

If you're struggling with a concept or getting an error message, social media can be a great tool to help you problem solve!

Courses using Python

Several Information Management Courses use Python. Introduction to Information Management (INF 6000) includes a small assignment using Python. Introduction to Computer Programming (INF 6050) goes further in learning programming skills. Being able to use Python can make projects in Information Visualization (INF 7492) really stand-out. It also makes learning additional programming languages, such as Javascript, a little easier.

Advanced Topics in Information Management are offered as needed, and recent courses have included Advanced Programming with Python.

Ask Questions!

If you have questions we hope the resources in this guide will help.

If you're having password issues contact C&IT for support.

For most other issues SIS Tech is able to provide support.

If you're struggling with an error message consider asking your question on your class discussion board or on social media. Someone else may have had a similar issue!