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Course Reserves

Information about course reserves, permalinks, licensed resources, and open educational resources.

About Permalinks

A permalink, also referred to as a persistent link, is a static (or "permanent") link to a particular online resource or web page, meant to be unchanged for years to come.

The links to articles, books and book chapters in library databases are often dynamically created. That is why you cannot just copy and paste the URL from the address box into Canvas. Additionally, links to articles in restricted library databases need to include the EZ Proxy prefix so off-campus authenticated users can access them.

Creating Permalinks

If you are having trouble locating a permalink or DOI in the database you are using, please contact Ask A Librarian for assistance. To have permalinks created for you, use our Permalink Request Form.

You can use the database-provided permalink or a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to create your permalink. Following are instructions for creating EZ Proxy authenticated permalinks to copy into your Canvas site or course website. With the proxy, authorized users are taken to a page where they can select the PDF link to access the full text of the document.

Database-provided Permalinks

Permalinks are available in many library databases:

Permalinks links are identified through a variety of names and buttons in library databases. Some of those include:

  • Permalink
  • Stable URL
  • Document URL
  • Link Pickup
  • Bookmark
  • Persistent URL

If the database has a permalink you can copy and paste that link directly into Canvas or any other means you would like to use to share the article. It will include the WSU authentication.

DOI Permalinks

The DOI (or Digital Object Identifier) is a standardized method for identifying an electronic object. Publishers are increasingly using DOIs to uniquely identify articles, book chapters, or any other "objects" in their databases.

When available, the DOI is the preferred method of linking to a document because it is platform independent and will never change.

How to create a Permalink using a DOI

You can use the DOI Link Generator in Canvas under the "More External Tools" menu in any text box.

You can construct a DOI Permalink as follows:

  1. Highlight and copy the entire DOI number provided for the document.
  2. Paste the DOI into Canvas or on your Word Document.
  3. Insert the following prefix in before the DOI number (no spaces): (This adds our proxy server authentication script and the doi resolver)

For example, if the DOI for your document is doi:10.1016/j.jinteco.2004.07.002, this is what it would be with the proxy added: