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June 2017


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June 8 marks the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1867.  The Purdy-Kresge display and online guide “Frank Lloyd Wright at 150” includes material selected from the WSU library collection and online sources to provide insight into the life and work of this colossal (and controversial) American design talent.


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Quote from the architect

Less is only more where more is no good.

--Frank Lloyd Wright


I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. Frank Lloyd Wright
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I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.
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FLW c.1926 (age 59)

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Selected FLW-designed homes in Michigan

Meyer May residence

450 Madison Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids MI 49503

Abby Beecher Roberts residence

County Hwy. 492, Marquette MI 49885

Gregor S. and Elizabeth B. Affleck residence

1925 N. Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills MI 48013

Sarah and Melvyn Maxwell Smith residence

5045 Pon Valley Rd., Bloomfield Hills MI 48013

Amy Alpaugh residence

71 N. Peterson Park Rd., Northport MI 49670

Eric and Pat Pratt residence

11036 Hawthorne Dr., Galesburg MI 49053

Robert D. Winn residence

2822 Taliesin Dr., Kalamazoo MI 49008

Erling P. and Katherine Brauner residence

2527 Arrow Head Rd., Okemos MI 48864

Don and Mary Lou Schaberg residence

1155 Wrightwind Dr., Okemos MI 48864

Dr. R. Bradford and Ina Morriss Harper residence

207 Sunnybank Rd., St. Joseph MI 49085

Dr. H. and Dorothy H. Turkel residence

2760 W. Seven Mile Rd., Detroit MI 48221