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December 2017

Downtown Detroit street scene decorated for the holidays with vintage automobiles


Selector: Rhonda McGinnis

Winter is a time for many beloved holidays!  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, enjoy the resources you may find here.  Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Image Credit:  Virtual Motor City Collection, Washington Blvd, Detroit 11/30/1930.

Christmas Links

Wintery Sleigh Ride

Classic Covers from the Saturday Evening Post:  Listed Below are Links to several thematic collections of Holiday related covers from the magazine that almost defined the concept of Christmas in America.

Hanukkah Links

Chanukah banner

Kwanzaa Links

Kwanzaa banner


Holidays in Detroit--Virtual Motor City

Hudson store lit up for Christmas
Detroit's Fort St. lit up for Christmas
Carollers in front of Detroit's downtown Christmas tree
Three Santas drive through Detroit in an old car
Children sing carols around Detroit's municipal Christmas tree
Santa Claus visits Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade
A Nutcracker floats down the street in Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Santa in his workshop holiday display in Detroit
Holiday decorations on Detroit's Washington St
Christmas tree in the Ford Rotunda
German themed float from Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Santa and his reindeer join the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade
Detroit skyline lit up for Christmas