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Summer of Success

A guide to resources shared during the Summer of Success Writing & Research Workshop

Locating Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Articles

Some Scholarly Article Types

Scholarly articles are published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Most of the time, they are research articles, but there are many different types of articles that appear in these publications.

  • Research Articles (Empirical Articles) Analyses of data collected for a study. This could be qualitative (surveys, laboratory results) or qualitative (focus groups, systematic observation). Research articles usually have 4 identifiable parts: literature review, methods, results, conclusion
  • Theoretical or Conceptual, and Professional Communications Examines existing ideas and/or theories, concepts or ideas about a subject area and discusses how they may or may not apply in a specific situation.
  • Case Studies An in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complex issue in its real-life setting
  • Meta Analysis  Analysis that reviews and combines the results of multiple scientific studies on a narrow topic or issue.
  • Literature Reviews Review the published scholarly literature in a particular discipline on a specific topic
  • Book Reviews Critical discussion about a book related to the discipline represented by the journal; scholarly books are typically reviewed by other scholars
  • Commentary and Letters to the Editor

Scholarship as Conversation

What is the Deep Web?

Libraries and the Deep Web

By starting your search for information for research papers and course assignments in the library databases, you can directly access password protected materials available in the Deep Web.