This guide is created to assist Honors students with their first-year seminar, City One


Welcome to the guide for Honors!

I hope that you will find this guide a useful starting place for your research for the Honors 1000: City One seminar. I have assembled a core collection of resources available through the Wayne State University Library System, as well as high quality, freely available web resources. This guide is a collaborative work-in-progress, developed with the suggestions and feedback from students and faculty in Honors.

I am available by appointment to assist students and faculty with research related to Honors. You may also contact me to schedule research workshops for classes or to suggest items for purchase.

Judith Arnold

Librarian Liaison for the Irvin D. Reid Honors College


The guide consists of several pages detailing our resources in these areas:

Paper #1: Who Are We?

Resources on this page can help locate background information on ethnic groups, provide historical context, and information on urban history and culture to help write about your character. The databases recommended on this page will help you find scholarly articles. Databases for historical newspapers are included here and can contain articles or visuals to serve as primary sources.

Paper #2: Where Are We Going?

The resources on this page are focused on information on Detroit and its history to help you research your Detroit site and answer the question, Where are We Going?

Paper #3: What Should We Do?​ 

Use these resources to locate information about a current issue in Detroit and answer the question, What Should We Do?

Meet the Honors Librarian

Honors Librarian

Judith Arnold
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