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This guide is designed to help you learn about the libraries and the resources that will be useful for writing your papers for ENG 1020.

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Getting Inspired: Finding a Topic and Beginning Your Research

These library databases contain reliable content and are arranged by topics. They are useful for locating issues that are of concern to the public or the government, or may be of interest as a research topic.

Scholarly, Popular and Trade Publications and Peer Review

Review the Popular, Trade or Scholarly handout linked below and watch the 2 videos.

Example: Popular, Trade and Scholarly Articles

Hint: Select the PDF after you select the article link to view the article as it appeared in the print publication. All of these articles were retrieved from library databases.

Popular/Mainstream – Lau, A. (2014). A series of unconscionable events. Psychology Today, 47(5), 18-19.

Trade/Practitioner - Peevy, J. (2017). Holding staff accountable: Personal accountability is the foundation of a positive business culture.  Auto Body Repair Network, 56(7), 22-26.

Scholarly/AcademicWelsh, D. T., Ordóñez, L. D., Snyder, D. G., & Christian, M. S. (2015). The slippery slope: How small ethical transgressions pave the way for larger future transgressions. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 100(1), 114-127. doi:10.1037/a0036950


Activity: Apply what you have learned

Here are links to three articles that discuss the economics of health care. Select the links below and look at each of the articles. Based on what you have learned about different types of publications, try to answer the following questions:

  1. How would you categorize each--as a primary or secondary source?
  2. How would you label each, as scholarly, popular or trade?
  3. Do you think any of the articles below might be from a peer reviewed publication? Why?

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Strategic Searching in Library Databases for Articles

Library databases contain credible, published information that is not freely available through the public Internet. Access to these databases requires login with Access ID and password from off campus and personal devices.

SUMMON - A full-text discovery tool

Summon is a library discovery tool. It allows you to search almost all of the library's full-text articles, ebook, print books, dissertations and other resources all at once. This can be a good place to begin your research. 

You can use refine your search in your Summon search results to show only scholarly & peer reviewed journals, select a date range, or explore a sub-topic. Use the " to the right of the article or book title in your search results to generate a citation in MLA style.

Select Summon from the top right of this page to begin searching Summon.

Disciplinary Databases

Following are a few examples of disciplinary databases. These databases are more structured and usually have a set of subject headings (think hashtags #) that use the vocabulary of the discipline to describe concepts. 

To find databases specific to your discourse community, use the library's collection of Research Guides.


Books and more from the WSU Library

Search here for books, media, and the titles of journals we own.

Understanding Scholarship as Conversation

Types of articles

Scholarly journals do not only publish empirical research articles. The scholarship may also be presented as theoretical analysis or humanities research. Other types of articles include literature reviews, meta-analysis, guest articles, book reviews, and perspective, editorials and commentary. It is important that you are able to distinguish among these different types of articles, which each serve a purpose in communication among scholars and professionals.

Following are examples of these different types of articles.