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You Need to Learn About the Profession!

You Need to Learn the Jargon!

Cartoon of librarian saying Use Boolean logic to search the OPAC for a periodical.

Librarians have their own language and countless acronyms. Here are some links and articles to help you learn the jargon of the profession!

How to Do Library Research

Searching Tutorials

There are several short tutorials and help sheets created at Colorado State University that address Boolean Logic and other helpful steps when searching databases:

What are Some Terms Specific to Database Searching?

What About Books?

Special Collections

Textbook for the Course

What is Boolean Logic?

Diagram Depicting Boolean Logic

When searching databases, most searchers use "boolean logic" to create searches that try to incorporate as many different ways of describing a subject or concept into one search. 

Diagram Depicting Boolean Connectors

Using connectors in your Boolean search queries. Borrowed from the Information Resource Centre Blog.

This video describes (in easy to understand language) the concept of boolean logic and how it is used in constructing good searches. 

Boolean logic was invented by a British mathematician named George Boole. Here is a link to a short biography if you are interested in learning more about him: George Boole (WSU Access ID & Password Required)

What is Boolean Logic?

This second video uses boolean logic to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Information for Librarians - That's You!

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