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Phased Plan for COVID Reopen

Entering the UGL. Similar procedures will be used in all libraries.

The entrance to the UGL will be the east door (Extended Study Entrance).

Checking in policies:

All patrons must wear a face mask while in the libraries. A supply of disposable face masks will be on hand in the libraries if patrons forget them. 

All patrons must have a reservation to be in the Libraries. Reservations are made using the SEATS app. If a patron does not have a reservation, a staff member will help them make a reservation on-site. 

All patrons must swipe their OneCard to enter the UGL; they must also present the OneCard at the service points at each of the libraries.

All patrons must complete the Daily Screener and provide evidence of being cleared to be on campus that day. 

Social distancing floor markers are installed in each of the libraries to show where to queue while waiting to be checked in.

Patrons will not be permitted into the libraries without their OneCard, Daily Screener clearance, and/or a face mask. 

Checking in process:

Patrons must present their OneCard and evidence of a valid Daily Screener clearing them to be on campus that day to the monitor/sfatt on duty. The OneCard and Daily Screen results can be shown through the Plexiglass divider so that there is no contact between the monitor/staff and the patron. 

If a reservation was made, the patron will be directed accordingly. If no reservation was made, the patron will be directed to a staff member who will help make a walk-in reservation.

Reserving a space in the Libraries

Reservation policies:

All patrons must reserve a space using the SEATS app to come into the Libraries.

If patrons arrive at any of the three open libraries campus (Neef, Shiffman, UGL) without a reservation, a staff member will direct them to a computer station near the service point to make one.

Maps directing patrons to the reserved seats are throughout the libraries, on the website, and paper copies are available at the service desks. 

Assistance locating the reserved space is available upon request. 

Spaces can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.

There is an 8 hour per day limit on reservations.

Only 8 bookings are permitted in one day (one hour = one booking).

Patrons cannot book different spaces in the same booking.

Patrons cannot make bookings for others and bookings are not transferable to other patrons. 

Reservation process:

Returning a book

Book return policies:

Fall 2020 - late fees will continue to be waived. 

No contact book drops are available at XYandZ locations.

Patrons can also take advantage of MeLRides by taking WSU library materials to local public library book drops. 

Patrons can bring books directly to the UGL to return them in person with minimal contact. 

All returned items will be quarantined for 72 hours before being recirculated. High demand items will be addressed on a case by case need. 

Book return procedures: 

Patrons returning books/items directly the UGL will scan the barcodes at the designated place in front of the service desk. 

They will be able to see their information on the computer screen and verify it's correct, then place the returned item(s) on the cars.

Staff will take returned items to a designated quarantined location for 72 hours to allow any possible traces of the virus to die before re-shelving. 


Requesting a book

Policies for requested items:

Collections are closed to the public right now. Items can be requested and picked up at the UGL. 

Staff will page requested items. Anticipated turn around time is 1 - 2 days. 

Items will be placed in plastic wrap and set on a no contact shelf for pick up. 

Procedure for requesting items:

Patrons can search for items in the catalog and use the Request button to select an item to be paged

Once a request is ready, the patron will be notified by email when to pick it up. 

Interlibrary loans will work the same way.