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Phased Plan for COVID Reopen


Plexiglass dividers are now installed in every library at every service point. 

Cleaning stations for the patrons are also in each library, as well as hand sanitizing stations.

Refills for disinfectant wipes, sprays, and hand sanitizer are on standing reorder. If the WSULS runs out of disinfectant, and the reorder has not been delivered, the libraries will close. The safety of our staff comes first.  

When PPE is at 50% - WSULS staff should inform supervisors and request what is needed. 

Requests go to Leo, with a cc to Eugene, who will place orders and replenish supplies. He will notify supervisors when the order is delivered and the supplies can be picked up. 

Please see the Facilities Playbook for information on precautions and pandemic operating procedures.