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Library Research Workshops: Winter 2022 Workshops

Library Research Workshops

research workshops

The Libraries have far more to offer than you may realize! Our Thursday Library Workshop Series explores resources and services that can help you with research, projects, citations and more. From online and in-person services, to new tools and apps, these workshops will teach you tips and tricks to make your work easier and more efficient. All sessions will be offered online. Visit the link below for a full list of sessions and descriptions.

Join us every Thursday at Noon on Zoom. Click here to register and get the Zoom link.

You must use your WSU Zoom account to access the workshop. Here are directions to create your WSU licensed Zoom account.


Winter 2022 Library Research Workshop Series Schedule

Click Here to Register and Get the Link to Connect to Workshop on Zoom. You must use your WSU Zoom Account

All workshops start at Noon on Thursdays.

January 20

Welcome Back (to the Libraries) with Veronica Bielat, Student Success Librarian

Welcome back to the libraries. Learn how to request and renew books, link to full text, find scholarly sources, organize your research projects for the semester, and more. Stay for the whole workshop and you'll be eligible to win a bag of library swag.

See our Library Access & Services guide for information on using the libraries, accessing articles and books, technology, how to get help and more.

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January 27

Using Google Drive to Manage Project Team Documents with Cheryl Ball, Director of the Digital Publishing Collaborative

In this introductory webinar, participants will learn some tips and tricks to keeping dispersed, collaborative teams (class or grant or writing projects) organized using Google Drive. If you work with a multi-person team and use Google Drive, and are constantly frustrated by where you left that document, this webinar will change your life! (These tips will also be useful if you use Microsoft Teams!)

This Library Research Workshop was not recorded.

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February 3

Understanding and Locating Impact Factors and Other Publishing Metrics with Veronica Bielat, Student Success Librarian

Impact factors and other publishing metrics are some of the criteria used to evaluate scholarly output. But what do they mean, and where can you find them? This 30 minute introductory workshop, intended for an audience of faculty, staff, and graduate students, will introduce a variety of publishing metrics and how to locate them for your own publications.

PowerPoint with Links (Used in this workshop)

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February 10 

Receiving email Solicitation from a Journal, What to do? with Ella Hu, Medical Librarian  

Researchers often receive email solicitations of manuscript submission. This workshop, intended for an audience of graduate students and faculty, will introduce some ways to check whether the journals are trustworthy for publishing.

This Library Research Workshop was not recorded. For more information about selecting a journal for publication, please see our library guide Choosing a Journal to Publish Your Work

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February 17

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: What they are and how to navigate them with Clayton Hayes, Subject Specialist Librarian for Engineering, Honors College Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies, Mathematics & Urban Studies and Urban Planning

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are a vital collection for anyone interested in urban history, but first-time users may find the number of versions daunting and the volumes themselves difficult to navigate. This 30-minute workshop will provide faculty, students, and staff with a short introduction to Sanborn Maps and, using Detroit as an example, describe the various editions of the maps and point out where they are available. It will also point to a few different projects which involved the Sanborn Maps as examples of how they might be utilized. 

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February 24

We Got It - Now What? Using Interlibrary Services, Part II with Megan Hakala, Library Assistant III, Deb Horanic, Library Clerk, & Etta Barbee, Library Clerk Senior, Interlibrary Services

Can I renew my MeLCat or ILL request? ...How do I do that?

The wrong journal article was delivered for my ILL request…what can I do?

This workshop is a continuation of the Fall 2021 interlibrary services workshop, We Can Get That!  Members of Wayne State’s Interlibrary Services team provide answers to the above questions and more on a guided tour through library account management for non-WSU owned requests. Students, faculty, and staff who would like to know more about Interlibrary Loan services can benefit from this 30-minute live workshop.

Handout: Tips and tricks for using Wayne State University’s Interlibrary Services to assist with research needs

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If you missed the introductory Interlibrary Loan/ILL workshop from Fall 2021, you can watch it here.

March 3

Using Wayne State Archives in Undergraduate Courses with Meghan Courtney, Outreach Archivist and Taylor Henning, WSU Archivist

This session will highlight archival material that reflects WSU's past and share ideas for using the material in coursework to teach critical thinking and primary source analysis skills. This 45-minute workshop is designed for faculty teaching undergraduate students.

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March 10

Why I've come to love the American Community Survey with Monique Oldfield, Subject Specialist Librarian for Social Work, Sociology, Gerontology, Foundation Center, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, and Public Health (CLAS)

Explore the American Community Survey (ACS) and learn why it is the place to begin to find community information. This workshop will explore how the ACS differs from the decennial census and the different kinds of data provided by the ACS. This 45 minute introductory workshop is designed for any faculty, staff or student that wants to learn more about the ACS.

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March 24

Browser Extensions for Research with Gabby Bray, Graduate Student Assistant, School of Information Sciences

Follow along and explore how you can easily install web browser extensions for Firefox and Chromium-based browsers (like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera) to help with each step of your research process, from finding articles to managing your references. This 45-minute workshop is designed primarily for undergraduate and graduate students looking to develop effective research habits.

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