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Law - International Law Resources: International Courts & Tribunals

Specialized Reports

International Law Reports (1919-present)
Unofficial source providing all reports of international tribunals affecting public international law in a single source, including International Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, UN Committee on Human Rights, plus decisions of the various national tribunals interpreting or applying public international law.
JX 68 .A65; Second Level

American International Law Cases (1783-present)
Unofficial collection that provides complete texts of all substantive decisions involving international legal issues: decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Court of International Trade, the Court of Claims, the Tax Court, district courts, Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, the U.S. Court of Military Appeals and state courts.
JX 238 .A2 A43; Second Level

International Court of Justice Research Tips

There are several ways to search for ICJ opinions and supporting materials, each with a different approach:

WESTLAW has the full-text of all ICJ opinions from the beginning (1947).  They are located in the library designated as INT-ICJ.  Under no circumstances should you search for ICJ opinions on LEXIS.  Many of the “opinions” in their database are actually press release summaries of judgments prepared by the Court!

The Court’s website:  The court has recently revised and modernized its search engine.  You can now search the full text of all its opinions.  Importantly, it also has memorials and transcripts of oral arguments from the more recent cases.  These can be extremely helpful, as the memorials are written by the world’s leading international lawyers.  The page for each case should have a link for “written pleadings.”  The easiest way to find relevant memorials is to determine which opinion of the court addresses the issue of interest and find the memorials submitted in advance of that opinion.

All the opinions of the Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ), the predecessor to the ICJ under the League of Nations, are available here:   The search engine on this site is not very good.  Note that the ICJ cites decisions of the PCIJ as if they were its own.  So they are quite important to review.

The World Court Digest, created by the Max Planck Institute in Germany:  This is a West-like digest of ICJ jurisprudence organized according to general and specific topics in international law.  It is very thorough and very helpful.  NOTE, however, the Digest only goes up to 2000.

International Court of Justice (ICJ): Books

Permanent Court of International Justice: Series A Judgments (1923-1930)
JX 1971.5 .A61 1970; Second Level

Permanent Court of International Justice: Series B Advisory Opinions (1923?-1930)
JX 1971.5 .A62 1970; Second Level

Permanent Court of International Justice: Series A/B Judgments, Order and Advisory Opinions (1931-1940)
A continuation of Series A and Series B
JX 1971.5 .A6 1970; Second Level

JX 1971.6 .A244; Second Level; some reports available on the web

International Court of Justice: Pleadings, Oral Arguments and Documents (1948-present)
JJX 1971.6 .A248; Second Level

International Court of Justice Yearbook (1946-present)
JX 1971.6 .A25 1946; Second Level

International Court of Justice (ICJ): Journals, Reports, & Websites

Many other international organizations have their own web sites with extensive documentation. Almost all of these are listed in the very comprehensive site of the NYU Project on International Courts and Tribunals:  It includes links both to international courts and their parent organizations.

European Communities Court Systems

The European Union

Please see the European Union Research Guide for more information about the EU generally.