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Scholarly Publishing & Communication

A guide for Faculty and Librarians covering DigitalCommons@WayneState, Author's Rights, Open Access, and other related topics.

What does “Scholarly Communication” Mean?

Scholarly Communication is a term used primarily by librarians and other information professionals to describe the field of scholarly publishing and the scholarly information life cycle. Scholarly Communication is the formal and informal networks used by scholars and researchers to:

  • Develop ideas
  • Exchange information
  • Build and mine data
  • Certify research
  • Publish findings
  • Disseminate results
  • Preserve Outputs

Academic librarians, as information professionals, are equipped to assist scholars and researchers in navigating the ever-expanding world of scholarship by consulting or advising on self-archiving policies, vetting publishers, navigating copyright issues, and a host of other topics.

What's here?

This guide contains information and resources related to scholarly publishing, as well as information on Wayne State's own scholarly communication services and publishing initiatives:

The Library System can also provide consultations and workshops for researchers or departments on topics any of these topics. If you are interested in hearing more about library services related to scholarly publishing and scholarly communication, you should contact your subject specialist librarian.

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